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  • Nowadays, fifa 17 was looked at for 8. 4 points from IGN. The following is quick review of the IGN.

    The most remarkable new feature is named a” journey “story mode, telling a 17-year-old boy Alex Hunter wish to be famous in the Most recognized League. All the advantages and disadvantages is usually reflected in this product. Although this year’s FIFA game has a lot of progress compared to recently, even it can be said to be the funnest game this season, still, there are many areas that should be improved. The sports games are centered on teamwork, it is not simple to bring surprises for the actual players, but FIFA’s story function has made a surprise for people, it really did help to make people shines.

    FIFA COINS gives every football fan some satisfaction, whether it is informal observer or fanatic basketball enthusiasts, but I still believe that EA Sports should spend more time focusing on the standard things on the video game. Although Konami took care of everything around the court, but EA could are more focused than it is liable for creating a perfect football game.

    Of course, FIFA 17 in other aspects still have their particular advantages, these advantages are enough to allow you to forget its shortcomings. For me, fifa 17 is more worth so that you can buy and play.

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