Prefer a little more balance in FIFA 20

  • A left-winger that could also play with LB, but not LM? Interesting. Ryan Sessegnon is a starter for Fulham despite being 18-years-old, also for good reason -- his pace is already at FIFA 20 Coins. Stats include 67 passing 68 shooting, 75 dribbling, 65 defending and 62 physical. His ability means he's able to muscle defenders when he's attacking off. His three-star ability moves and weak foot aren't anything to laugh at either, though he'll cost a whopping £10.6m. Right now he is only a 75 overall, but with 88 potential, he's hard to pass up.

    Everyone understands of Vinícius Júnior by now. Where can we start? He's got five-star ability moves, 81 dribbling, 79 stamina, 74 shot ability, 73 finishing, a four-star weak foot, and 93 speed! The man will probably be up there competing to the Ballon D'Or within a few years once he goes from his 77 overall to his 92 possible, as well as such, he'll cost you at least £15.4m.

    The Dortmund participant Pulisic, on this list is just another player who is on a different level. The 19-year-old was enjoying since the 2015-16 season, when he was just 16 for the first team! He's also a regular in the USA national group, together with 21 appearances and nine goals .

    In FIFA 20, he's got unbelievable 91 pace, 85 dribbling, 87 agility, 84 jumping buy FIFA Coins 20, 82 ball control... we could move on. Oh, we can not overlook his skill moves and foot that is feeble! He'll put you back a ridiculous £16.7m, but we can guarantee you his 79 entire and 88 possible is worth it.This time, we have three superstars for you, all costing over £20m. All are newcomers for a few of the largest teams in the entire world.