The hard difficulty Fortnite challenges

  • The most well-known golf course in the world might be significantly less than a week . We are speaking about Fortnite's Lazy Links route that was inserted on July 12 as a part of the video game's Season 5 update. If you're unfamiliar with Fortnite, it is an immensely popular battle royale-style video game where 100 players leap out of a flying bus,fortnite items land on an island and compete to be the last one standing.

    The island has numerous locations with alliteration-heavy titles where players may land to locate treasure chests, collect items and harvest materials, and Lazy Links is one of the newest additions. We booked a tee time in the nation club, which surprisingly has a fairly lenient dress code despite its lavish accomodations, also spent a day exploring all it has to offer you.

    Lazy Links is a nine-hole, par-3 course. Like the dedicated buy fortnite traps journalists we are, we assessed every single hole marker on the course so as to affirm that it truly is a par-3 course.

    Side note: Do you understand how hard it's to check every hole marker at a video game in which you will find 99 competitions and you only get one life per match? Let us just say it took over 1 try.

    The level of detail in Lazy Links is really pretty impressive. The country club has its own crest, the tee boxes and greens are well-groomed, and every hole has a sponsor -- like Durrr Burger, in line with the 3rd hole -- that suggests strong business ties with members of the local community.