He canalso put guards in the Mut 20 coins

  • He canalso put guards in the Mut 20 coins blender when he chooses to beat them with finesse.He has relatively long arms for his size and he knows how to use them both as a run defenderand as a pass rusher.

    That's something most shorter defensive linemen have to be able to do, otherwise they end up getting engulfed by those huge NFL offensive linemen.I also liked that against the run, Rankins consistently showed really good instincts and blocking scheme recognition when teams tried to run misdirection plays like counters and traps. When they tried to single-block him, Rankins was also able to do a good job of getting the offensive linemen pushed back into the backfield on a regular basis.

    That led to Rankins being in on quite a few tackles near the cheap Madden 20 coins line of scrimmage, which is what you want to see out of a productive defensive tackle, especially an undertackle/three-technique. Undertackles are meant to blow shit up in the backfield and cause chaos on the other side of the line of scrimmage, whether that means making the play themselves or setting up one of their teammates to make the play.

    Rankins certainly showed that when he got a chance to play at three-technique that he definitely fits that bill.Where I did have some concerns about Rankins as a run defender waswhen he had to try to take on double teams. Look, double teams fucking suck, OK? Most defensive linemen under 350 pounds absolutelydespise them whether they admit it or not.