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    Fallout 76 players Fallout 76 Items for sale discovered a new event named Free Range, which brings the Sheepsquatch legend to life. In this guide, we'll outline methods to activate the event, the way to complete the encounter and recap the rewards you get for finishing it.Like most live events in Fallout 76, people who really want to find it are best off server hopping. For the purposes of the guide, we're working from the Sheepsquatch encounter because that appears to be the spot. Players also have found Free Range from the following locations.

    Pick one of those spots and server hop till you discover the NPC listed below. Note that a group that is skilled best attempts this Sheepsquatch encounter. Many high tech players have fought to emerge successful in this struggle, so don't be the fool who attempts it solo.You'll know you're qualified for the Free Range occasion when you see a bunch of Brahmin cows along with a dead NPC called Beckwith Farmhand. Take All its own supplies, such as the Beckwith Farmhand Directive.

    Now, equip the Shepherd's Crook and start spamming it on the back of the Brahmin to direct them. People of us who don't know where that is can utilize the map below.Along the tedious journey, you will encounter lots of wolves and bugs, but they should not cause a lot of problem for mid-level characters. Your primary focus should be seeing the Brahmin closely, if you do not because they can become very off course. You will know you're getting near your destination whenever the Brahmin turn onto the dirt road towards Beckwith. The enemies are most likely to get more difficult at this time also, as you approach the farm so don't be surprised if you start seeing some Glowing Yao Guai. Just hit against these threats with as much firepower as you can muster, while saving up for the inevitable Sheepsquatch.

    You'll see at least one Noxious Legendary Sheepsquatch. Like most boss experiences in Fallout 76, the one's objective would be to do just as much harm as you can really quickly. That means plenty of explosives and also a Power Fist can work well here. Just switch to the highest DPS stuff on your inventory if you don't have these. When you get started doing damage, the Sheepsquatch will turn red. This means its rage mode that is entered, and will regain health and deal harm. Eventually a second Sheepsquatch, and power through that stage will arrive alongside a lot of Mirelurks.

    While the battle rages on the Free Range event's buy Fallout 76 Items secondary goal would be to keep health for one of your Brahmin. After the bosses arrive the cows run, but they're still vulnerable to damage from annoyances like Stingwings and Bloatflies. With that in mind, have a minumum of one member of your party on partial Brahmin responsibility to guarantee the cows survives.As long as you continue doing damage, the Sheepsquatch will gradually return. If not, return back at square one and try again. There are not a lot of concrete strategies for victory since this is a largely PvE event that could happen in distinct places.


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