I certainly would like to create a group atmosphere

  • Free to install the 1st store interior decoration can be a small fresh literary choice of children, but they also later found out that the real literary youth isn't the mainstream customers, for the reason that chain with the pricing is still high.

    The second store, the next store did start to consciously utilize dark tone with the interior design, emphasizing the a feeling of business, but participate in rental operations people saw to understand that it has many good looking area but not practical design, squeezed Storage space. And I wish to give the younger generation a home feeling, live in your own home will stress practical, comfortable, wherever possible to use space. In October 2013, our "meet" project was officially launched. I and also the total plus another partner, each away from 100 million to get started on doing this thing. We have seen plenty of property, last but not least finalized the Asian Games Village, an advertisement and residential floor in the two, an overall of 77 rooms.

    If you choose to do the hotel, the venue requirements of convenient transportation, nearby the commercial center, but I would like to do "home", have no need for so busy lots, relatively quiet little better, the nearby living facilities are saved to the line. The requirements with the hardware would be the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room area, small balcony need to have basic standards like home fast hotel. Service, I certainly wish to create a group atmosphere, but to understand a degree, if your dinner, climbing plus the like an excessive amount of activity, will destroy the "home" feeling. We supply the tenant two times a week free indoor cleaning, and also free moving service; floor there isnrrrt a big public area, nothing can with regards to a friend a cup of joe chat, the drink is provided for free.

    My promotion channel remains to be the network, inside the 58 city, navigate to the network post, now a lot more than 90% in the rooms are rented out. The project total investment of nearly four million, most with the decoration. Our main unit is around 35 square meters of a lounge, the monthly rent inside 4500 yuan possibly even, much better than the cost of an good price.

    In addition to freely, now available on the market and we share the same type of competitive brands are Cube City Apartments, Bullock doors, new camps and many others. Cube City could be the largest, starting with Nanjing, enhancing investment in Huaping, and after this there are a multitude of stores nationwide, about $ 6000 suites.

    I provide positioning in the positioning called "economical serviced apartment." We are small start-up companies, the team a complete of only five people: I and also the total, two store assistant, a cleaner.
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