He intentions to get out of Yinchuan to discover new opportunit

  • In the name on the shop for body weight scale, Huashi light with the exceptional three sons had discussed. Big son spent gold tiger that his father considering that the surname flower, "flower master" within the very good, concise, catchy, not difficult to memorize.

    Huashi light quite accept this, "flower master" jewelry shop was created.

    Hua Shi Guang's first store opened in Yinchuan Tongxin Road market, all-around Ningxia University and also the Northwest Second Nationalities Institute. This is lower than 5 square meters of small stalls, the first sale of only some small jewelry, like earrings, necklaces, etc., also to store the main consumer on the two universities, a small part with the surrounding middle school students. In the small jewelry sales process, most of the demand for customers to generate ear holes, after a while, Huashi light tempted. In the second year of opening, he as outlined by the instructions of others, purchased a hit ear hole using a gun, started learn to make this happen business.

    Huashi light is usually a love of people, prior to the factory to operate there have been a great deal of small inventions for best weight scale. He gradually learned that the traditional gun-type ear piercing way of perforation following ear on the shortcomings of inflammation, he determined to study a new method to solve this matter. In 1998, the master introduced the first "safe ear ear technology", and requested for a national patent. Master in the service is seen as the ear hole as soon as the kick, immediately wear silver nails, while coated with anti-inflammatory syrup, ears aren't red, not swelling, and also the provision of follow-up services. In this way, customer happiness is high, referral marketing, the company is getting better and.

    The second son in the master, a refinery in Sinopec within the work, business efficiency and private income are wonderful, however in the end he still obeyed his father's proposal, quit his job, opened within the old area of Yinchuan second master shop. Careful care, the existing city store business situation is fairly good, the biggest day earnings of 5,000 yuan.

    In 2002, the flower master to look at all the family out digital body weight scale, cobbling the primary payment of nearly 200,000 yuan, on the three sons in Beijing Qinghe loan to get a set of over 80 square meters, the entire price of a lot more than 40 million house. At that time, Qinghe housing prices only four thousand over a flat. In the Huasheng light view, while playing pierce industry is good, but Yinchuan, in the end, is often a small city, from the local ordinary store to learn a pair of ear holes a couple of dollars, even though the shop from the master shop, but in addition five Block it, are unable to form a scale return, he plans to get out of Yinchuan to seek out new opportunities.