Vantage would like to do a wedding studio in Shanghai after a l

  • In 2008, the Northeast son Vantage carries with 5 million to be effective hard in Shanghai for selling best body weight scale. Although young, yet it's a senior portrait photographer, so he put his personal business direction also targeted at the photography industry.

    Vantage would like to do a wedding studio in Shanghai, if you do inquire, he was shocked, and the tens of thousands of dollars will not be enough to repay the rent it Vantage lost simply to walk in the streets of Shanghai, the streets often see a number of the large studio, they're decorated magnificent, luxurious style, Vantage feel that these are not competing with their qualifications are certainly not, just how can? That night, bored Vantage for the laptop to determine the news, the final results in a local forum, inadvertently see someone post asked the place where a hotel, how can we go? Vantage suddenly got a bit of kind of revelation: can someone open the studio within a relatively remote place, after which through the network in promoting? So you can save the rent.

    In order to substantiate their own ideas, morning, Vantage carrying your camera pretend to locate a job, visited several studio. Finally, he found a conclusion: these large studio would like to stay within the reality of the original source, but ignored the volume of more huge network of tourists for digital body weight scale.

    This conclusion to Vantage excited, he is at Huaihai an extremely cheap housing, housing following the district, can be defined as a stalemate, even house intermediary who also kindly advised him, "you here open studio This is to set yourself inside a dead end, and you have not paid your hard earned dollars.

    Vantage thanked him for his kindness and decided to repay the money. After 72 hours of preparation, Vantage named his studio "Blue Coast" and officially opened. No flowers, no person cut the ribbon, really the only opening sign is always that from this day within the network there were many within the "blue coast" information: advertising, but additionally "pretend a person to inquire about the blue coast" side advertising ... ...

    The third day, his mobile phone sounded the initial call, "Is the blue coast wedding photography?" The first business soon done. After 2 months, there are twelve pairs of latest people to patronize his studio, but not much, but no less than that the network does exist for the source of body weight scale. Subsequently, Vantage and many marriage network and news forums, while using network to go on to win the hearts of those, customers after another.